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just now i spoke to my gf and i came to know that, my brother has very bad feeling about me and my company. he aruges (ofcourse he is correct) that iam not making any money at all and iam doing nothing good.

my dad wants to buy one house with my money but since iam not able to give him any money, my dad is full disappointed about me and he feels shame of me for not giving him any money.

he is correct, but from my point of view, iam trying my level best to make money but getting failed.

my brother told to my gf, just exactly what he and our father feeling about me.

iam about to cry but iam shameless so i don’t cry.

i hope in near future, my work my money will answer them

Randi babu randi,

alochinchina asha bangam,

tondaraga vacchi mee option select chesukondi is a great service,

but since i have my own website(s) which used hosted wordpress solution,

iam not using at all,

but wordpress is #1 service definitely when it comes to blogging for beginners.

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